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Do you have a large group that would like to purchase your custom decorated apparel? Would you like to raise money for your cause?

Select the products
Select a design
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We will then set up your online store within 24 hours. Earn up to 50% of all store sales.

Web Store Details

What are web stores used for?

Web stores are created to help you offer your custom decorated goods to your group without the hassle of a group administrator collecting everyone's order. Also instead of ordering a bunch of decorated goods and trying to sell later, web stores allow everyone in your group to pre-order. This enables you offer more items to your group easily. Plus, you can boost your group by raising funds. Earn up to 50% of each item sold.

How are the decorated items delivered to those in my group?

Once your web store sale closes, we produce your items by the delivery date and bag up each member's order individually. Next, there are some options you have on how you distribute them:

  1. We deliver to a group administrator who will then distribute to the group members.
  2. We meet at your groups location (school, ball fields, company) and distribute to your group members.
  3. Your group members can pick up their orders at our showroom in Levittown, PA.
  4. We ship each members order via UPS.
How are the prices of my decorated items set?

We determine your prices based on the size of your group membership. After we design your decorated items we estimate the volume that will be sold and set the pricing to cover the cost of production. We can also design your decorated items to fit a price point that you would like to sell them at. Typically prices of goods are set at the fair market value.

How do I raise money for my group with a web store?

Using web stores to raise money for your group or cause is only available for groups with at least 100 members. We set up a commission program with your group administrator. For example, a school may offer custom decorated t-shirts at $12 each on their web store. After they sell the minimum amount of 25pcs they begin earning commissions. The typical commission schedule is 25+ 5%, 50+ 10%, 100+ 15%, 150+ 30%, 300+ 40%, 500+ 50%. Your total commission is given to you as a store credit or paid to your group in cash, check, or charge by FIELDS printwear. 3% will be deducted from your commission when paid to your group.

How many members do I need in my group to set up a web store?

If you have 15 people in your group, we will set up a web store with up to 5 custom decorated items.

How can I use a webstore as a fundraiser?

After we finalize the products you would like to offer, set the pricing, and the dates that you would like your sale to run, your store goes live. When your sale closes you will be discounted based on the amount of goods sold and receive a check/credit for the difference.

How much funds can I raise for my organization?

The typical discount schedule is 25 items sold earns $2 per item. Each 25 items after earns another $1 per item. So if you sell a t-shirt for $10 and 55 pieces are sold, you receive $3 for each item which would be $165.

What if I only sell a few items on my webstore?

Don't worry, we will still fulfill the orders. You may be billed for any incurred set up costs. Before your store goes live we will let you know what your possible fees will be so there are no surprises.

What if products I supply get damaged or lost?

Don't worry, we will still fulfill the orders. You may be billed for any incurred set up costs. Before your store goes live we will let you know what your possible fees will be so there are no surprises.

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