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Pricing Tips

The price of your decorated goods is based on three things:

The Product

The products you choose will be a determining factor. We can often find products you are looking for to fit your price point. The more product you buy, the more we can discount. Let us know what you are looking for and we can find a supplier. If you would like to supply your own product, bring it in to us. You will pay more for the desorating of customer supplied products.

Decoration Type

Each decorating technique has a price guide. However because there are som many variables to each order, one of our decorating experts will need to finalize your price. We love pairing the right product with the right deocration for the right price.

The Quantity

The total amount of pieces with the same design is what we base our pricng on. The design has to be the saem size and color also. We can find the right decorating technique to maximize the total pieces you need at a better price.

“The hoodies came out great and everyone loved them. Thanks so much. Will definitely use you guys again!!”
- Meghan F.
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